With regard the genesis of the gold and modern wedding inspiration shoot, there are too many thing to say! Today I’ll write about the dresses online for this project: their inspirations, the choice, the final rendering.

It is with this dress yet realization when I showed it to Melanie, the photographer, we came to the idea of the wedding inspiration shoot. Indeed, when I showed him the photo, she exclaimed: “you’ll need photo non?”

Halter Appliques Pick Up Skirt Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress

wedding dresses Persun

I am a big fan of television series, movies, video games, science fiction and fantasy. I like much the character of Daenerys in Game of Throne that asserts itself as the episodes as, and even if she lacks experience, is always his choice and even more than other characters more “wise men” for not to say older.
I am therefore part of this character which I love the outfits: still very worked, with bare backs, openings, with inserts, a warrior and a female side at the same time. I therefore built my sketches and my dress in this idea: a flowing wedding dress, tribute to the beauty of Daenerys, her femininity; a naked back and indentations for his strong character and his desire to please; and finally the leather inserts to represent Warrior.
I wanted the side “warrior” comes out on the dress and represents this strength of character, just as I wanted to try to keep its fragility that is also reflected by time.

Dressesmall Simple Ruched One Shoulder Chiffon Long A line Formal Dress

DressesMallAU bridesmaid dresses

This dress makes me also think about the outfits for her next in the series, with a lot of fluidity also and a high collar.
So, I hope that these small explanations helped you better understand my approach in the realization of dresses for this shooting. And that is also what I try to do for each of my brides: make dresses that will match them so that they can be themselves on the wedding day: dreamy, romantic, rock, sensual, secure of their ideas and their choices, proud of what they are! See more fashion ideas.