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This is the clothes that you take your next festival

Le 10 June 2016, 11:15 dans Humeurs 0

Coachella, the festival is held each spring in California, serves as musical showcase for all kinds of genres. Also fashionable. While the tradition was going to dress hippie style 70s, in recent years many models, pop stars and film together in this open area are given wearing the ultimate in boho-chic, ethnic and romantic clothes.

Coachella opens macroconcerts months and each year becomes a fashion catwalk. A trend that also reaches Spain. our festival season is inaugurated, you know already what to wear for the FIB, the MadCool and BBK? Clothes are part of the show.

"From our point of view, the Coachella style dress code already existed as a source of trend and inspiration in many ways. What one has made clear in recent years is that it has gained presence in the media and has become an important gap between the referents of style, "explains Edward Jones, one of the creators of the firm Mr.Boho supplements.(

"The most striking and attractive part is that although the festival-goers outfits evolve from year to year, maintain a stable essence that resides in the hippie world and in the 60s and 70s is a marvel to look at pictures of Woodstock and compare snapshots current festivals around the world and see how similar they become looks despite the time that separates them. That is why half an evolution: change the accessory, but the core remains faithful to the source, "adds Jones.

Speaking of festivals is now so linked to fashion, which is more common to look at the looks of the latest edition in the bands playing. The Coachella style is easily identifiable, and is even more apply to patriotic festivals: comfortable, cool and very sexy, with bohemian and romantic touches garments. "Each year, this style fits the current trends, but still a marked line. This year we have continued to see fringes, billowing skirts, necklaces and necklaces and tiny shorts, but also bombers and a roll a little more sporty, following the trend from the catwalks, "says Cris Mustard, stylist and founder of Fanfare Report.

Media firms know the importance of festivals, know that serve as starting signal for the summer and do not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. The new lookbook Mango, for example, is inspired by the major events to introduce a youthful and lighthearted touch, designed for evenings summer with more pace. "The outfits have changed over the years in such festivals. Every day there are more risky, more mixes are more fun. bright colors, prints, fringe, that combination of summer / winter look ... is an explosion of styles and mergers ", say from the Spanish giant.

For Mango, the festival-goers must have this season are clear: "crochet garments, fringes and Roman sandals." The final touch are the ribbons in her hair.

Mr. Boho insists that they have gained visibility and similar festivals Coachella explained that references to the style of the past are increasingly noticeable. "In the end, the festivals will of freedom and enjoyment, that also were 60 and 70, and this is reflected in comfortable but thoughtful and daring looks."

According to the firm, it is time to output the sexiest floaty dresses and tops essential crop. For them, ripped jeans and baggy shirts and short sleeve. "Of course, you can not be in a festival afternoon without a retro sunglasses round cut." They are those that have served as inspiration for their models Hackney and Dalston.

If we are to see our favorite bands to Madrid, Benicàssim or Bilbao, the most important thing is that our outfit allows us to give everything in the makeshift dance floor. "What never fails is a short cowboy shirt with a group that will delight you and suede booties with some heels to stylize the leg," added Mustard.(


For Mango, Gigi Hadid model is a style icon. "No festival is not lost. The key is to mix your style tops with suede clothing, ripped jeans mini shorts and loose wavy hair. She also prefers boots to sandals. "

2016 wedding party dresses online

Le 19 April 2016, 13:05 dans Humeurs 0

With regard the genesis of the gold and modern wedding inspiration shoot, there are too many thing to say! Today I’ll write about the dresses online for this project: their inspirations, the choice, the final rendering.

It is with this dress yet realization when I showed it to Melanie, the photographer, we came to the idea of the wedding inspiration shoot. Indeed, when I showed him the photo, she exclaimed: “you’ll need photo non?”

Halter Appliques Pick Up Skirt Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress

wedding dresses Persun

I am a big fan of television series, movies, video games, science fiction and fantasy. I like much the character of Daenerys in Game of Throne that asserts itself as the episodes as, and even if she lacks experience, is always his choice and even more than other characters more “wise men” for not to say older.
I am therefore part of this character which I love the outfits: still very worked, with bare backs, openings, with inserts, a warrior and a female side at the same time. I therefore built my sketches and my dress in this idea: a flowing wedding dress, tribute to the beauty of Daenerys, her femininity; a naked back and indentations for his strong character and his desire to please; and finally the leather inserts to represent Warrior.
I wanted the side “warrior” comes out on the dress and represents this strength of character, just as I wanted to try to keep its fragility that is also reflected by time.

Dressesmall Simple Ruched One Shoulder Chiffon Long A line Formal Dress

DressesMallAU bridesmaid dresses

This dress makes me also think about the outfits for her next in the series, with a lot of fluidity also and a high collar.
So, I hope that these small explanations helped you better understand my approach in the realization of dresses for this shooting. And that is also what I try to do for each of my brides: make dresses that will match them so that they can be themselves on the wedding day: dreamy, romantic, rock, sensual, secure of their ideas and their choices, proud of what they are! See more fashion ideas.

Bring you with more fashion: Mermaid Wedding Dress 2016

Le 4 March 2016, 10:05 dans Humeurs 0

Fashion moves fast in your life, but the recognition of pefect wedding gowns are similar. Whether you want to be a princess at your big day or not, a right wedding gown is important to spend your best time! If you long to have a modern wedding dress for your great wedding, sexy mermaid wedding dresses should be taken into consideration.

Mermaid Design

The mermaid dresses are designed to fit in the bust and hips and flare at the knee-shaped trumpet. This style has advantage over other bridal gowns to show the charms of your good figures. If you have a slender shape, such sexy wedding dress will match you perfectly. What's more, such wedding dress is usually made with the fabrics which can hold their shape like lace and satin. If you want to show your charming figure to the fullest, then the mermaid lace wedding dresses are no doubt your optimum choice.

Dressesmall Graceful Feathers Round Neck Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

photo: mermaid lace wedding dresses

The advantage of Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid wedding gowns are not only sexy for women, but also they can look elegant and stylish on them. It's no wonder that the mermaid bridal dress is always popular. Where is the best place for such bridal gown? In general, It is usually worn in more formal weddings. At the holy day, Mermaid dresses which are made from delicate lace are always a dream of the girls. Form the 1950 s, this wedding dress style continues to be popular until now.

Dressesmall Sweetheart Off Shoulder Ruched Sweep Train Taffeta Mermaid Wedding Dress

photo: mermaid wedding dresses online

The styels of Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid wedding dresses come in different styles among which you can easily find what you love. Strapless styles are the most popular for modern brides. If you are a slim bride, mermaid gowns will create amazing illusion of curves. What's more, the selection of a sweetheart neckline will add more surprises to your prettiest looks. And Mermaid V-neck dresses can flatter those brides who have full breasts so that they can show best parts of their body. Now with the development of the internet, you will have access to a lot of cheap high quality formal dresses online.

In this upcoming wedding party 2016, you can buy your cheap mermaid style wedding gowns from online stores. With newest mermaid wedding gowns from online stores, you will be the most fashionable and attractive brides in this New Year.

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